Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mini Update

So I haven't posted much lately due to busyness and lack of inspiration. I'm still here though!  I've almost finished the work for my financial accounting class so I can schedule an early exam, as it's supposed to be right around my due date.

I have several plans for posts but can't post them yet since they're not quite done.  Just finished most of our Christmas shopping the other day, but still a couple things to get so I will wait until it's all done to post a summary.  Also had our pre baby shower yesterday with my family, the big one is next Sunday, then we will know what we still need to buy.  Based on what we already got yesterday, it won't be much. :)

Kyle and I will be discussing our 5 year plan soon, I already have a spreadsheet made up to organize it (of course).  We are also thinking of visiting my parents and step brother in Vancouver in January/February, since now they can't come until May.

So I have a lot of budgeting coming up, just need to organize it all then I will have more posts.  I apologize for how boring I've been!

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  1. I need to make a 5 year plan. We've thought about where we want to be, but haven't laid it out.