Tuesday, January 03, 2012

January 1st Net Worth

Very bummed to see such a big red number.  I expected to lose money this month since it was Christmas and our first month with the baby, however I was not expecting to have so much trouble getting a hold of my Record of Employment to get my Maternity benefits.  I should be getting it tomorrow.  I got my vacation pay with my last paycheck and Kyle signed for his since he was taking 2 weeks off after Willow was born.  From now on we will not be including vacation pay in our net worth.

December Budget Review

Another expensive month, unfortunately this time we didn't have much income.  I STILL don't have my maternity leave.  We both received our vacation pays which were equivalent to our average paychecks, however we had been including them in our net worth so I did not record them in our budget since it was technically not income.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

December 1st Net Worth

Our net worth is not increasing like it used to, but that was to be expected.  The green column is the status of the accounts and the numbers to the right of the green columns are how much those accounts increased or decreased compared to the previous month.  I love having a zero in the liabilities. :)  My bank account was the only thing that didn't go up, although we did not lose money.  We don't bother splitting expenses 50/50 and I usually pay for the majority of misc purchases including groceries.  Regardless, not a bad month considering we spent so much on Christmas and Willow.

November Budget Review

A solid month late but better late than never I guess.

Very surprised that we set any money aside at all after all the extra spending going on with Christmas AND a baby on the way.
Hydro - Unfortunately I had not realized on our first bill that it was not for a full 2 months so I was very dissapointed to open this month's bill and see how big it was.  And this is without the electric heat being turned on yet!
Other - We needed new bedsheets for winter, a vaccum, plastic to insulate all the windows, and gas as we had my mom's car for quite a while.  At least we found the sheets and vaccum on sale.
Misc Income - I got an HST cheque for $99, and I definately cannot remember what the $10 is from.  But for the last year all of our spare change, and any change that came with our tipouts has gone into our Christmas Change Jar.  We counted it up and rolled it and had $245 :)  And still have at least $45 in change left in it that we couldn't roll because we didnt have enough of each coin.  We also got a ton of cash and gift cards from the baby shower, but it was too much to keep track of so I did not include it. (To keep things consistent I took off whatever was spent with this money from our expenses).

Misc Spending - Spent a ton on gifts, but I will make a post specifically for our Christmas shopping.  Misc Christmas shopping was for decorations (we need to start working on that now that we have our own family holidays to start).  We bought Christmas lights and I started making cross-stitch stockings for Kyle and Willow, like my mom had done for our family when we were kids.  Despite the massive amounts of baby supplies and clothes we received at the baby shower (and in the weeks that followed) there were still a few things we needed to pick up like bottles, moniters, and a dresser.

And after all that we set aside $170 :)  However I'm sure I lost track of some money with everything from the baby shower because our net worth and bank accounts show that we set aside more than our budget says.  So it's not a bad thing.

Welcome To The World, Willow!

It's a little late but I would like to announce the arrival of my very healthy and beautiful baby girl!  Willow Elizabeth is finally here and doing very well.  Of course, this is why I have not posted in, what, a month?  She's definately keeping us busy, but soon we will be getting into a schedule.  I can't believe she is 3 weeks old today!  I will be catching up on the main posts I've missed and will hopefully find time to come back and post every couple of days.  A lot has happened, especially financially, so I have plenty to write about.