My Story

My name is Shannon, I am 20 years old and expecting my first child with my boyfriend Kyle in December.  Between bills, saving for the baby and saving for school in Vancouver next year, I'm trying to get an early start on building a solid financial foundation.  We are both cooks at a local restaurant, which doesn't pay big bucks but it's enough to get by.

I have always been interested in numbers and progress, even more so when they are combined with a dollar value.  I love to travel and shop, and we both have high expectations for our future home life (particularly the home itself and everything in it).  On top of that, we have never been in debt, and would like to keep it that way!  Obviously not entirely possible with a mortgage or car payments.  But if we're prepared with a good budget and have a large down payment prepared, the less debt we will have.

This blog is to share my experiences, struggles and achievements with saving our money and preparing ourselves for the many (expensive) events that are inevitably waiting for us.