Thursday, October 13, 2011

Almost Blew the Grocery Budget

So we just got back from doing our first big grocery trip in a while.  Borrowed the truck to go to Sobeys, and lucky for us they extended the members' event to today :)  Which was good and bad.  We did get a BUNCH of stuff, a couple things here or there were added to our list when we saw them but I was very good at saying no to things I've been craving.  It's hard!  But Halloween is coming up and we're having a party so I'll save my indulging for then.

I just boosted our grocery budget this month to $250 compared to the $220 it was last month, cause although we were very strict, we go through lots of milk and I found myself not eating as much trying to save money, but that's not good when you're trying to grow a baby!

Either way, we had $181.77 left in the budget when we left this morning.  Our bill came to $126.47.  We saved $16.45 cash from members' discounts, plus several things were buy this many, get this much off.  We also got 656 Sobeys points because half the store had bonus points :)  We now have $15 worth of points!  That will come in handy come Christmas time.

So we still have $55.30 left in the food budget, which should be enough to get milk for the rest of the month, plus stuff for the Halloween party.

Enchiladas this week! Mmmm!

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