Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cards You Should Get (That Won't Rack Up Debt)

My wallets are always breaking.  Not from money, but from all of my cards.  My current wallet has two ripped seams but I still use it :)  No, it's not full of credit cards or debit cards, it's full of membership cards and discount cards.  The good kind, that instead of swiping and owing a bunch of money on them, I swipe and save a bunch of money :)  Here's a list of cards that you should get to make the most of the money you DO spend:

Air MilesWhile it's 1 point for ever $20 you spend, it still adds up.  Most of my Air Miles points were coming from the liquor store, but I also get 20 Air Miles for my annual magazine subscription :)  It will be a nice small discount on the next trip I take.  And the card is FREE!

HBC Rewards
This card is handy, you get points when shopping at any HBC store, which adds up quickly with all of the small purchases at Zellers, or those occaisonal larger purchases at Home Outfitters.  Again, this card is FREE!

Club SobeysI love club Sobeys points!  I save them up through the year to put a dent in my large Christmas baking bill each year :)  You get points every time you shop at Sobeys, and there's always items that are marked with bonus points.  Once or twice a year they hold a membership event where people with Club Sobeys cards receive discounts on their purchases on top of their points.  This was on last time we did groceries there, most successful groceries trip ever :)  Also, FREE.

Shoppers Optimum
I've had this card for a while, but didn't often shop there.  However, since we moved across the street from Shoppers, we go there on a regular basis.  We get our milk and a few staple items from there, and whenever I feel the need to buy more perfume or makeup, I will definately be going there! Ahem...Free :)

Any store you shop at that offers some kind of membership/discount card, get it!  (As long as it's free, or a very small price)

I also have a La Senza membership (this is my therapy, any personal spending money I have can be guaranteed to be spent here!), irewards (I looove books, especially when they come with a discount), Fabricland Sewing Club (getting a discount on fabrics and supplies for my future profession? Definately a good deal), Sephora and Sirens.

La Senza's membership isn't free, but considering how much I shop there it pays for itself within my first purchase, and if you're already a member, each year you get a discount on your membership renewal.  Same goes for irewards and my Fabricland membership.  These are my only exceptions to paying for membership cards, as they pay for themselves almost instantly!

Now, while we're on the topic of free cards I may as well add that if you DO get a credit card, get one that doesn't come with an annual fee.  Why pay $150 a year for a service that only charges you MORE money for using it?  Free is always good.

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