Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Favourite TV Show

Before I go on with this post I wanted to point out a few updates and changes I made to the blog yesterday.  I was fooling around with the gadgets and added a blog counter, top 5 articles, and a list of all the labels for my posts.  I also added tracking bars for financial goals, html courtesy of The Asian Pear.  I am also (very) slowly working on customizing my blog banner.

On with the post!

So without a doubt my favourite TV show is Till Debt Do Us Part with financial guru Gail Vaz-Oxlade.  I have seen every episode at least 3 times but will still watch them.  I love hearing her talk about their numbers and where the interest is going to leave them in 5 years.  There's a lot of people out there who are just totally clueless!  Not to mention careless.  But Gail is tough and says it like it is; she's not afraid to tell you you're a dummy.  Most people quickly turn around and get their act together.

This show also has a baby edition, for expecting/new parents who spend a ton of money on their babies and nothing on their debt.  We like watching this one because it makes us feel much more prepared than half the couples with solid careers.

She also has a show called Princess, exact same concept, except instead of families and mature couples, she's dealing with spoiled brats who leech off their parents and friends and spend all their money on their hair. *Sigh*

Regardless of which show we're talking about, Gail is brilliant when it comes to helping people with their finances.  She makes it easy to understand and gives them the push they need to stay on track.  She has her own blog with many resources to get your own finances in order.  She also gives good tips for setting up an area to manage your bills and finances.

But for those who think they need a little extra help can apply to be on the show through Slice.  I'm pretty sure you have to be in the Southern Ontario area.  Her butt-kicking is worth it; if you do a good job she'll give you up to $5,000 to pay off your debt.  That's much better than paying your financial advisor to tell you what to do.

Check out Gail's blog here.

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