Monday, October 17, 2011

Needing Some Other Goals in my Life

Okay, so lately I've been noticing I'm saying a or thinking of a lot of things I need to get done or should do, but then never do them.  Between working 6 shifts a week plus almost 15 hours of homework each week, I find myself doing nothing in my spare time.  Although I'm very productive when it comes to Spider Solitaire.  With baby on the way and our place still needing some final adjustments since the move, I need to make the most of my free time.  So I've decided to write down some of my non-financial goals to keep track of what needs to get done and make sure I actually do them!  I don't think I'll have specific deadlines for them, but I'll probably update once a week to see if I'm making any progress.  Here are my current goals:

Make Curtains for Baby's Room - I haven't been to Fabricland in a while, so I'm going to indulge myself, but with a purpose!  We'll see what cute fabric I can find :)

Make Curtains for Living Room - We went out and bought curtains for the balcony door in the living room and the balcony door in our bedroom, but my god curtains are expensive!  So I' going to rummage through my large collection of fabrics and see what I can find for some basic curtains.  Plus with the cold weather coming I'd like a little extra insulation, this place is freezing and electric heat is going to be expensive.

Organize Sewing Area - I have a set of plastic drawers I'd like to use to store my sewing stuff, since the large shelves I already have are looking very cramped and messy.  Still have to remove all the nail polish that I had painted it with years ago.  It's been bugging Kyle anyways.

Strip and Paint Mirror - I have a wooden mirror that I've been meaning to paint (it's currently black) but I haven't done that yet.  I finally got a nice Sage colored craft paint yesterday for it, so now I just need to strip and sand it then I can paint it :)

Cross-Stitch Stockings for Daddy and Baby -  I realized the other day that our little girl will need a stocking for Christmas!  When I was little my mom made us all stockings that she cross stitched with Christmas images and our names.  I still have mine, it's always been the one I use, so I figure I'll make one for baby too :)  And we can't let Kyle feel left out.  So this project has a for sure deadline, preferably a week before Christmas so when can hang them on our first fireplace :)

Organize our Incredibly Cramped Apartment - Our place is quite big considering it's an apartment (we still have two levels) but we had so much stuff in our basement for storage that we still have but we can't find places to put it.  A lot of it is boxes for things that need to be packed properly for moving, like our flat screen and computers and such, plus seasonal decorations and other knick knacks that we like to hang on to.  A lot of it's taking up our walk in closet space.  So I need to take my organizational skills away from the computer and use them on our apartment.  This needs to be done before baby arrives!

I think that's a decent to do list for now.  I'm sure I'll be adding to it quicker than I'm crossing things off though.

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